Bedre Chocolates, Oklahoma

Our last stop in Oklahoma was Bedre Chocolates. We stopped here on our way out of Oklahoma. It is right next to the Chickasaw Nation Visitors Center.

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When we walked in we were given samples. They had samples of their crisps and their twists. I loved the twists, they seem a little odd…they are white fudge covered corn twists but they are delicious. The boys really enjoyed the crisps which are chocolate covered potato crisps. We ended up purchasing a couple of meltaways in the different flavors. I really loved the mint and the caramel meltaways. We also got a chocolate potato crisp bar and a couple of chocolates shaped like Oklahoma and cowboy boots.

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While you are there you can also watch them making the chocolates. Unfortunately when we first got there none of the employees had started working yet. They were just coming out and getting ready when we were about to love but it was so cold in there that Connor didn’t want to stay inside anymore.

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Once we got out the boys wanted to play on the playground outside for a few minutes.

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Then of course after that they were ready to eat their chocolates. I really recommend stopping by here if you are driving down I-35 going through Oklahoma. If not, you can always visit their website.

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