Pinkitzel, Oklahoma City

The last thing we did on JT’s birthday was get cupcakes from Pinkitzel.  Pinkitzel is a cupcake and candy store.  It’s very girly with lots of pink and black.  We got four cupcakes and I don’t remember exactly what they were but one was a strawberry, one was chocolate chip, another was oreo, and the other was pink lemonade.

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As for the taste of the cupcakes…they were okay, which was as good as I expected them to be. I haven’t yet found a cupcake shop that sells really good cupcakes. To me, buying cupcakes from a cupcake shop is not necessarily for the taste but just because it’s fun. The cupcakes usually look pretty and it is fun for the boys to pick out which flavors they want.

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If anyone knows of a cupcake shop that actually sells really good cupcakes let me know.