Green Mountain Fair Trade Coffee

I’ve mentioned being a member of BzzAgent before and this post is on another BzzCampaign that I’m a part of. I was sent a few samples of Green Mountain Fair Trade Certified K-Cups to sample and give my opinion on.

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I was pretty excited about this campaign because the coffe is Fair Trade Certified. I wasn’t really familiar with Fair Trade until last Christmas. The boys like those chocolate advent calendars and I bought one that was Fair Trade Certified chocolate. The back of the calendar had information about what fair trade meant and a great picture to go along with it and best of all the chocolate was delicious. I hadn’t seen anything else since then that is Fair Trade Certified so I was excited to find out that Green Mountain offers some Fair Trade Certified coffees.

The samples were of the new Three Continent Blend. The coffee for this blend is sourced from Asia (Sumatra), South America (Peru, Ecuador, and Columbia), and Africa (Ethiopia). If you take a look at there is a fun flavor wheel that tells you about what each continent’s bean brings to the flavor. The website will also tell you more about what Fair Trade is if you aren’t familiar with it. You can also read about the trip to Peru that Kelly Clarkson was sent on to learn more about Fair Trade.

Right now Green Mountain offers 12 different varities of K-Cups that are Fair Trade Certified but they have a few more then that available as bagged coffee. I’m really interested in trying the Wild Mountain Blueberry. It’s not a flavor that I would have ever thought of for coffee but it just sounds so interesting to me and I love blueberries so I’ll be keeping an eye out for that.

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