Marker Collages with Mr. Sketch Scented Washable Markers

*Disclosure: I received a free pack of Mr. Sketch Scented Washable Markers in exchange for a review. All opinions are my own honest opinions.*

Mr. Sketch recently came out with washable markers. If you’re not familiar with Mr. Sketch they are scented markers.



I really enjoyed the fragrance of the markers. If I had to pick a favorite it would be cherry. I actually really liked all of them though with the exception of the licorice.

I had trouble coming up with a good marker art project for the boys to do so finally I came up with the idea to do a marker collage. We used the Mr. Sketch markers on several different mediums and put them together to make the collages.

First the boys colored on a piece of foil that we had crumpled up to give it a textured pattern.



The markers don’t show up that much on this but I like the shiny and kind of pastel look they take on.

The boys also used a smooth piece of foil as well. They used theirs to write their name. I did a marker collage as well and wrote hello on mine.


Next the boys made a design on a piece of cardboard.


Then they used the markers on a piece of paper towel to make a tie-dye effect.



Once everything was done they put it together on a piece of paper and made designs to cover up all the white spaces. Their marker collages were complete.




I really enjoyed working with Mr. Sketch Scented Washable Markers. What I really like about them is that the colors are very vibrant. I also thought it was cool that they have a chiseled tip that allows you to make different line sizes. They also wash off easily as well. The one exception was when Connor had a lot of blue all over the side of his hand and left it on for about 30 minutes before washing it off. It didn’t come off completely but it mostly came off.

The only downside to these markers was that Connor said that the scents gave him a headache so he probably won’t be using them much.

Are you a fan of Mr. Sketch? What’s your favorite scent?