Fish Tales in Galveston

I’m back to Galveston again. This isn’t a tale about a fish but rather a review of restaurant called Fish Tales. We knew we wanted to eat seafood while we were in Galveston but not necessarily where we wanted to eat. I had read about several different places and hadn’t picked one so we just decided to drive straight down one street towards the Pleasure Pier. Well, right on the Seawall and directly across from the Pleasure Pier. It looked good and I like the name so we decided to eat here.

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The view here is pretty great. We didn’t sit next to a window but even still we were able to see the water and part of the pleasure pier. We probably coud have asked to move to one since there were plenty of tables available but oh well. The restaurant also has balcony seating upstairs so I’m sure the view from there is really great.

On to the food, they have a lot of selections and I decided to go with something a little different. I got the Tilapia and Crab Stuffed Poblano. It is a stuffed poblano pepper with crab and cheese and then it has tilapia and shrimp on top and then it’s topped with a cilantro cream sauce. The cilantro cream sauce is what got me, I am a big fan of cilantro cream sauce and not that many restaurants I know of have something with that on it but if they do that’s more than likely going to be my choice. It was also served with black beans and white rice.

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The boys got fried fish from the kids menu. I’m not completely sure but I want to say it was flounder and it was pretty good.

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My mom ordered the fried oysters. They were good, maybe not the best, but still good.

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Once we were done eating the boys wanted to take a picture with the painting on the back wall so here it is.

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I should also mention that they have ice cream here. I hadn’t noticed it on the way in but on the way out I saw that they have ice cream. They actually have it set up like in an actual ice cream shop so it looked cute.

I mentioned Pleasure Pier a few times so in case you’re wondering what that is, here is a picture:

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If you dine at Fish Tales that along with the gulf will be your view. Here is another picture of the side of the Pleasure Pier.

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Back to restaurant, I would definitely recommend it if you are in Galveston. It had a good casual atmosphere, great views, and good food.