Where’s Tony?

*Disclosure: I received this ebook for free in exchange for an honest review. All opinions are my own.*

The Dream Ten is a series of books by A.D. Erving. The second book in the series is called Where’s Tony?.

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The book was different than I expected. The Dream Ten is a basketball team and each book in the series has to do with one of the team members. I was expecting more of a basketball related book but found that it had more to do with one of the team members going missing and their search for him. Towards the halfway point of the book Tony goes missing and it is because his entire family was arrested and deported. Tony was not deported with the rest of the family and the team works together to find him and get him released.

I did find the book interesting though and the first half had enough basketball in it to make the first part interesting for Connor. I’m not sure what age I would recommend this for. I find it to be kind of like a middle grade book however the fact that Tony went missing because his family got deported makes me think that maybe it is better for kids that are a little older. It is an easy read though and even with 21 chapters you can get through the entire book quickly.

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