The Dream Ten: David’s Miracle

*Disclosure: I was given a free eBook in exchange for an honest review. All opinions are my own.*

I wrote a review of the second book of The Dream Ten the other day and today I’m going backwards and reviewing book one. The first book of the series by A.D. Erving is The Dream Ten: David’s Miracle.

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I really enjoyed this book and I think Connor enjoyed it as well. As I wrote in my previous review, each book seems to be about a different player on the team. The second book was about Tony but told from Larry’s point of view. In David’s Miracle David is the narrator and we get to see how the Dream Ten formed.

I found the story to be engaging and there was plenty of basketball in this one for the basketball fans. At the beginning of the book we learn that David is sad about not making a certain basketball team and he almost gives up basketball altogether. However, eventually he ends up playing again because he truly loves the game and finds others that love it as much as he does and they end of forming the Dream Ten. I think this sends a great message that you shouldn’t give up on something you really love doing.

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The book is a chapter book that is easily read. There are a few pictures throughout and for some reason I remember the pictures much more in this book than in book two. I definitely recommend checking this book out, especially if you have a young basketball fan. You can find The Dream Ten: David’s Miracle on Amazon.