Abigail and the Sahara Desert Adventure Review

*Disclosure: I received this eBook for free in exchange for an honest review. All opinions are my own.*

Today I am reviewing another eBook by Tali Carmi. The book is called Abigail and the Sahara Adventure.

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This book reminded me of the Terry Treetop books also written by Tali Carmi. In this book a little girl named Abigail goes to visit her grandparents and then uses a magical bike to go on an adventure. In this book Abigail visits the Sahara Desert.

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The book is a cute and short picture book. Along with being entertained by the story kids will get a very brief introduction to the Sahara Desert. I would recommend this book for kids up to age 6.

JT Says:

JT said that he really liked the bike in this book. He said he’d like to go to the toy store, bowling, the zoo, and somewhere that he can see the whole ocean if he had that bike.

You can check out Abigail and the Sahara Adventure on Amazon.