Mickey and Minnie Mouse Wreath Craft

We’ve been making Mickey Mouse crafts the last two months for Halloween and Thanksgiving so we of course had to do one for Christmas too. We ended up doing paper plate wreaths. The boys made Mickey and mine was Minnie.

To start off I had the boys paint the entire back of a paper plate green. I also told them they could sprinkle on some stars if they wanted.



I also painted a paper plate for myself and then painted the tops (not the outer rim) of three more plates for the second ear. I would have had the boys paint their own but for some reason I was thinking one plate would get me two ears. The boys had left while their plates were drying so I just did it myself.

Here's JT's completed plate. He added a lot of stars.

Here’s JT’s completed plate. He added a lot of stars.

Here are the plates with just the tops painted for the second ears.

Here are the plates with just the tops painted for the second ears.

Once all the plates were dry I cut out the head and ear pieces and we taped them together. I was cutting the ears out like wreaths as well as the heads but since JT added so many stars to his he wanted to keep his ears whole.



Earlier we purchased some small red and gold jingle bells with the intent to glue them into Mickey heads and add them to the wreaths. However, we ran out of hot glue sticks so I thought well maybe I can figure out how to make them look like Mickey heads by just stringing them on ribbon. It worked! First I strung on a jingle bell for the head and then when I put the ear one on I accidentally strung it on upside down and that worked perfectly. They’re a little difficult to string onto the ribbon so I had the boys pick out which jingle bells they wanted and I strung them on for them.



Once the jingle bells were on the ribbons I used a hole punch to make a hole on each side of the wreath and then we hung the ribbon across. Then I added a gift bow to mine to make Minnie and the boys added construction paper Santa hats to their Mickeys.




Our wreaths look really cute. The boys hung them up underneath their Olaf paintings for decoration.