The Kafka Legacy- Book 1: The Bad Luck Curse

*Disclosure: We received a free e-book copy of this book in exchange for an honest review. All opinions are our own.*

The Bad Luck Curse is book one of The Kafka Legacy middle grade fantasy series by Jason Flanigan.

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The Bad Luck Curse is a really great children’s fantasy. Both Connor and I loved this from the very first chapter. In fact, Connor actually told me when he saw the front cover “I know I’m going to like this book.”

The main character is a young wizard named James. At the beginning of the book he is about to turn eleven and come into his powers which had previously been bound because of the Kafka Curse.

The Kafka Curse is also known as the bad luck curse and it was a curse placed on his family. The book follows James’ adventures as he learns to control his powers and deal with any bad luck that comes his way. Besides James we also meet his grandmother Louise, his two best friends Amy and Tim, his inherited wereparakeet Amy, and a secondary realm creature named Roedalgia.

Connor Says:

“I like it. It’s the best. My favorite character is probably James. He has a good natural spell ability that would come in useful. If I had a were animal I would like a weredog as long as it always eats vegetables. Everyone should read this.”

I think that kids ages 8 and up can enjoy this book. It is easy and fun to read. I highly recommend picking up a copy of this fantastic children’s fantasy.