Have you tried the Lone Star Stack?

Last month McDonald’s launched the Lone Star Stack in Texas and Connor and I got to attend a VIP Tasting Party.

We usually only ever go to McDonald’s for breakfast so I had not had a McDonald’s burger in forever and Connor said that he’s never had one ever. I feel like he must’ve had one in a happy meal at one point but I guess he only ever orders nuggets.

When we arrived at McDonald’s we were sent upstairs to where the party was and Connor picked a table by the window to sit at. The tables looked really nice. They were set with Texas flag bandannas, blue flowers in red vases with a star tied around the vase, and the tasting menu.



Trays of nuggets and salads were being passed around for the appetizer course. The first round of nuggets we received were with sweet and sour and Connor did not like the sweet and sour at all. We looked around to find him nuggets wit BBQ or ranch but couldn’t find any. Eventually though someone came around to our table with some.

The salads we received were ranch salads but there were supposed to be southwest salads as well. We never saw them though.



While we were waiting for the main course we decided to go get our picture taken at the photo booth that was set up with the Lone Star Stack props.


As soon as we finished with our picture the main course started to arrive. The fries arrived first and they were hot, fresh, and delicious. I think Connor finished all of his before his burger arrived.


At last the Lone Star Stack arrived. The Lone Star Stack is 2 quarter pound beef patties, exactly 5 pickles, applewood-smoked bacon, 1 slice of white cheddar, 1 slice of american cheese, caramelized onions, and sweet onion BBQ sauce in between 2 slices of Texas toast.


I’ve never had BBQ sauce on my burger so I wasn’t sure of how I would like that but I actually really liked it. I thought the Lone Star Stack had a really good flavor. The sweet onion BBQ sauce went really nicely with everything else and the burger was very well seasoned. I did take out the bacon though but that’s just because I don’t like bacon on my burger. I did try a bite with the bacon just to get the full flavor of the burger and it was fine but I prefer it without the bacon. Overall though, Connor and I both liked the burger.

While we were enjoying our Lone Star Stacks Ronald McDonald came by and took a picture with Connor.


Once we finished our burgers we hung around awhile for some dessert. The first items that came by were chocolate shakes and chocolate chip cookies. Connor didn’t want either of those but I took both. Next was the strawberry banana smoothie and last was what Connor had been waiting for- the Oreo McFlurry.




After dessert it was time to go. Connor and I had fun at the party and surprisingly I really liked the Lone Star Stack. If you’re in Texas and haven’t tried it yet make sure to do so soon because it’s only here for a limited time and then let us know what you think of it.